conjure me
song: dulli, mc collum, curley, earle
tabs: mcclure
Main progression is Cmaj9 for ages accented with a wah-wah by Rick then a bar of G/B and a bar of Em7. 
(The song is in E minor).


	Cmaj9 - X3X033
	B/G   - X2X033
	Em7   - 022033

The chorus is much more defined with 2 bars of Cmaj9 followed by a bar of 
B/G and then a bar of Em7. The underlying riff is something like the 

   Cmaj9 x2	      B/G                           Em7

The break is something like:
| A | B | C | E | C | E | C | E | 
(i.e. a bar of each chord played with the same sort of shapes as above)

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