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Friday 28th September, 2001

Well, I guess by now you would have heard about the tragic loss of one of the greatest, yet underrated bands the world has ever known. If not, then sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Whigs have split up...

Although I haven't updated in ages, I still get emails occasionally, mainly asking for tabs to Mr. Superlove, and I try to reply when I can, however I'm not able to check my hotmail much any more. I've also stopped trading, which isn't to say that I won't start again, however, for the time being it has stoped.

I do have a backlog of tabs that I've been sent, and I do plan to post them, eventually.

What you'll be asking now is 'what does this all mean?' Note the bottom of the page, that I've changed my email address so I can check it more regularly. I've always had big plans for fat bon jovi, and I have never really accomplished them. Free web pages suck, and are a pain to update. Long story short, I'm planing a move.

This site shall remain as a connection to the new site, and I'll start email's those people I know have links to my site. This will take time, but it will happen eventually. Email's of support will be appreciated!

Thanks for your support. Hope to see you all soon!


Last Updated: 19 Novemeber 1999

There are many excuses I could use as far as why I haven't updated in so long, but they don't really matter. If you're interested, then you can check out the excuses page, but you're not here to hear excuses right. You're here for tabs. And I've got some new ones if you're interested. Scroll down to the Tabs section to see.

A huge appology must go out to Patrick McClure. Ages ago, he sent me some of the best Whigs tabs I have seen, and all this time they've been sitting on my webpage disk, collecting dust. Well I've finally got around to posting (some of) them, so now they can be of use to everyone. Thanx Paddy, and I'm really sorry for the delay!

oh, i'm having a little html trouble... tripod have changed the setup, so now to get back to the index page, just use you back button rather than the "back to fat bon jovi index" link... i have to go through every page and change the code, which is easy but may take some time.

If this is your first visit, then welcome! My aim is to make this page the ONLY place on the web you'll ever have to come for Whigs tabs. While there are thousands of tabs pages on the web, as far as I know, none of them deal soully with the Afghan Whigs, which makes finding Whigs tabs extremely difficult. With a little help from everybody out there, I hope one day I can make my dream a reality!

I don't pretend to be a guitar wizard, so I am asking for any help I can get. I'll post what I think is right, so if you think it's wrong, let me know and I'll change it!

but firstly. . .
Before we get into the tabs, I have to thank a few people that helped me heaps throughout the course of me building this page. First things first, to Manuel Zanzi, who had done most of the tab work before I had even started.

Also, again thankyou to Patrick for his submissions. They pretty much have kept the page going!

Anyone who is a Whigs fan, and has a internet connection should know about Merideth Whigs page, and if you don't, then go there!. I want to thank Merideth for letting me use the tabs on her page, and just for being an alround Whigs Web Page inspiration.

Also, a general thanks to the guy that created Tab Master, Ofir Zwebner. This program has been sooo helpful in the creation of this page. Doing tabs without it is a huge pain!

Now we can begin...

the tabs
New additions!!:

Up In It: Amphetamines and Coffee, You My Flower (an awsome transcription), I Know Your Little Secret intro

Congregation: Her Against Me, Turn on the Water, Conjure Me, Kiss the Floor, Congregation intro, This is my Confession, Let Me Lie to You, Milz iz Ded

The update this month almost call's for a grand re-opening! Since the last update, I've been contacted by Patrick McClure, who has complied some of the most acurate and complete Whig's tabs I have ever seen! Thanx to Paddy, the Up In It and Congregation sections are now open. I also have a few bsides, and some tracks from Uptown Avondale, which will appear some time in the future. I have also posted corrections and additions to tracks from Gentlemen, Black Love and 1965. As usual, some of the tabs aren't fully complete. Tabbing is really hard, especially when it's as complex as some of the Whigs stuff, so use these as your starting point, and figure stuff out from there. Since Paddy sent me so much, I've had a hard time HTMLerising everything, so it's not all here... yet. Call back in a few weeks, and I PROMISE there will be more!

Most of the tabs here are based on other people's suggestions. I don't agree with some of it, however the Whig's songs are hard to tab, and in most cases I'm happy to just have anything up there, right or not! The general rule of thumb is to not take anything that is here as gospel. If you think something is wrong, don't just tell me, give me some suggestions. Some parts have two versions. One is my own, and the other is what was sent to me. Play both, and see what you think is right. Lastly, in most (if not, all) case's, the rythm tabbed is no where near how it sounds. Use the tabs as a guide to the notes, then figure the rythm out from there. Tabbing Whig's rythm is near on impossible! Another small thing. In most cases, assume that the lead guitar is using a slide. Some people tab the lead parts with lots of bends, but in most cases, Rick is using a slide.

Anyhoo, enough with the rambbling and on with the show! Enjoy!


press. . .
I have a very limited collection of interviews with the boys, but what I have I'd like to share with y'all. Not all of it is related to Guitar stuff, its all interesting none the less. Hopefully the list of clippings will grow over the time the page is up. If you play guitar, then the Guitar World Interview is quite useful, as Greg and Rick talk about the equipment they both use.

 May 1996 Guitar World Interview with Greg and Rick

 Three short reviews of 1965 from my local press

 January 1999 Xpress review with Rick

trades. . .
Thanks to some nifty trading on my own part, I now have a small and very limited collection of Whigs boots. However, I want more! I figure the only way to do this is to trade what I have...

The Trade Center contains the track listing for all of my semi-rare to rare Whig's recordings. If you see anything you like, please mail me so we can work something out!

Here it is! Enjoy!

The Trade Centre

obligitory links section...
Every page has one... no big deal... here's mine.

Merideth's Whig's Page
	Only the best damn Whig's page on the web! if you haven't been, then go!

The Official Whig's Site
	Not as good as Merideth's page, but still interesting. Very up-to-date news 
	is found here.

Official Unofficial FAQ

Somethin' Hot
	A lovely Whigs site with tonnes of links to everything whig related
	on the web.

contact info...
New Email Adress!! If you have any queeries, questions or corrections for me, please don't hesitate to mail me at marktsg@mac.com

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