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Although I don't have much rare Whigs stuff, I understand that there are people in the world with even less than myself. So in the interest of spreading Whig's love, I'll post here the Whig's stuff I have, and if you're interested in any of it, mail me and make me an offer for trade. I'm mainly looking for Black Love live shows (video mainly, but audio is ok), as well as some of the newer shows. If you don't have anything to trade, I'll send you what you want for the price of a blank tape and postage. This is not a money making excersise, I'm just trying to do some people a favour

One last thing. I can only offer tape copies of these, as I don't have access to a CD burner. Most of them are on CD, so the quality should be ok. Also, most of these go for about 70 minutes, so if you send/purchace a 90 min tape, I can fill the tape with other songs, from the list. I do offer a mix 'n match service. If you've got most of the songs on one boot, then I can tape the ones you don't have if you want... save having multiple copies of songs...

Oh, one more thing. I should probably warm you all that I live in Australia, which is going to mean that there will be a slight increase in the postage of anything you may want to send me!

Now we can begin...

big top halloween + bsides
One of my most prized possesions is the CD-R of Big Top Halloween I picked up in a recent trade. It also contains some old bsides and rare track (which will be posted in tab form soon). Please note that at least two songs skip a little.
	Big Top Halloween
		here comes jesus
		in my town
		pricilla's wedding day
		but listen
		big top halloween
		life in the day
		back o' the line
		greek is extra
	extra tracks		
		king of millville
		white trash party (alt. version)
		now we can begin
		turning in two
		sister brother
		tonight (orament single w/marcy mays)
		will you still love me tomorrow? (orament single w/marcy mays)
		delta kong
		chalk outline
		my world is empty without you

uptown avondale
Although this has been re-released recently, I'm not 100% sure on how easy it is to get a hold of around the world, so I may as well offer it. Might I add, that since it is relatively short in length, it may make great tape filler...
	uptown avondale
		band of gold
		true love travels on a gravel road
		come see about me
		rebirth of cool

flip your whig
This is one of the only kts whigs boot's in existance. It's a live concert recorded around Spring 1994 in Europe, so I am assuming it's from the Gentlemen tour. Please note, if you have Debonair Gentlemen, then you have all but two of the tracks on this CD. They can be used as fillers if you would rather.
	flip your whig
		if i were going
		turn on the water
		be sweet
		my world is empty without you
		when we two parted
		fountain and fairfax
		come see about me
		you my flower
		what jail is like
		miles iz dead
		money (back beat band at mtv awards)
		long tall sally (back beat band at mtv awards)

what jail is like ep
This is also an offical release, however its got a good track list, and once again I don't know how easy it is to get. I've only seen it once and I bought it then and there! This particular version has most of the songs that apear on the other format versions of the WJIL singles.
	what jail is like
		what jail is like
		mr. superlove
		dark end of the street
		little girl blue
		what jail is like (live)
		now you know (live)
		my world is empty without you/	
			i hear a symphony (live)

if i only had a brain
This is a collection of the bsides from around Gentlemen and Black Love, as well as Uptown Avondale and the Whigs tracks from the Beautiful Girls soundtrack. A kind soul, Mr Steve Sabol from the list burnt me a CD of all of them, with lovely packaging and everything... you wont get that! Instead, you'll get these songs.
	if i only had a brain
		going to town (live)
		can't get enough of your love, babe
		come see about me
		moon river
		mister superlove
		my curse
		i want to go to sleep
		band of gold
		dark end of the street
		easily pursuaded
		if i only had a brain
		true love travels on a gravel road
		be for real
		you've changed

live at the howlin' wolf
Once again, this is an offical release, however it is quite rare. Unfortunately, I only have a tape copy, so don't expect great quality. If someone wants to burn me a copy onto a cd, maybe along with the radio show the Whigs did recently...
The same tape has copies of Honky's Ladder, Going to Town and Uptown Avondale on it, but if you want those then you'd be better off with Brain. Also, short track list makes for great filler!
	live at the howlin' wolf
		if there's a hell below (we're all gonna go)
		blame etc.
		superstition/going to town

Australian 66 Single
A little while ago, I made an offer to the list to buy people this single as it wasn't easy to get... then all of a sudden it was easy to get! The tracks are semi-rare I guess. They first appeared on the ultra rare Somethin' Hot single... good filler songs...

		66 (radio version #1)
		somethin' hot (12" remix)
		miss world
		papa was a rascal

That's all of the 'rare' stuff I have. I also have all of the albums, which I do know can be hard to find sometimes... so go ahead and make some offers. I don't have a lot of money, so if a trade looks like it might set me back a bit I may have to decline, so please don't take offence!
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