let me lie to you
song: dulli
tabs: mcclure
Played fairly loosely in 3 / 4 time, just get the general idea 
(open strings can ring as much as you  like):

     Em                                Em                                           Em                              D
G-----------------0--pick 2 bars of-------------------------------|                                                                                           
D--9h10--10-9---9-2--Em in 3/4,then----9h10-10--9--9-12-12-10--9--|
A-10-----1010--10-2--repeat then:-----10----10-10-10-10-10-10-10--|                                                                                                                                            
  {2 bars of 3 / 4 time     }{2 bars of 3 / 4 time             }{4 bars of 3 / 4 time                                     }
Lyrics: (work out when to play that raised D part)                                              
     all alone, all alone
     no one to play with
     your eyes are all swollen from crying
     feeling sick
     you open it
     and discover your lover between the legs of another
     and he's loving it

Chorus: Basically keep picking the Em as follows then play the strange D as appropriate:

   Em             D
  1 2 3 | 1     2     3
E-------|--Other strings----| 
B-0-----|--can ring open----|

     let me lie to you
     i'll be kind when i deceive you
     but you must never question me
     just quietly believe

Now it goes G5 for a bar, Gmaj7 for a bar, then 2 bars of Em

G5    - 3X0033
Gmaj7 - 3X0032
Em    - 022000

Verse 2 lyrics:
     there, there
     you haven't a care
     i won't ever hurt you, deny or desert you
     don't ask me again
     wake up! and listen to thee
     someone must have told you
     someone must control you before you can get free

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