amphetamines and coffee
tabs: mcclure
Intro: B CCCCCCCC x 8 (w/ feedback from Rick ?) 
        {2 bars   }                                   

then  : CCC BBB GG  DDDDDDDD   x   4    Chords : B = B/G  (X2X033)
        123 123 12  12341234                     C = Csus2(X3X033)
       {2 Bars    }{2 bars  }                    G = G5   (3X0033)
                                                 D = D5   (XX023X)
                                             (hold down XX0233
                                              but avoid top E string)


Continue guitar as above with following vocals starting over the 
last 2 bars of the above. 1st line shows how vocals fit the chords :  

{ 2 bars             }{2 bars    } {2 bars            }{2 bars    }
 D  >                         D  CCCBBBGG  D       >             D CCCBBBGG
hey man what is that yr thinkin		    maybe YOU can get away

there must be lots of pressure		    & lots of bills to pay

amphetamines & coffee			    it almost makes you gag

too many big decision			    no more time to play

slip into something classic		    turn on the television

ignoring all your children	      	    accepting their derision

routine is acknowledged with 
		pinnacle precision	    the statistician stares at a 
						family in division

first a big drum fill, then about a couple of bars of the Csus2 chord with 
a lot of left hand muting then perhaps the widdliest guitar solo ever 
recorded on an Afghan Whigs record over the top of the main riff, coming 
back in with vocals again over the main riff (vocals on the 2 bars of D5).

finally itís 2 lots of  :   C C C C C C  D  
	with about a bars rest in between the 1st and 2nd time

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